The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)The Lighter (Black/Black)

The Lighter (Black/Black)



The 2nd Edition — The All Black FS Lighter.

For the more minimalist/modern type, this black on black lighter has a texture to it that feels great in your hand, especially with the weight of the piece itself. Still keeping its signature “ping” when opening, it’s a perfect accessory to your day to day; candles, incense, or anything that sets your mood. Looking forward to seeing how you all use it or style it amongst your favorite items. Make sure to tag us and we’ll repost (@fallis.studios)

Once you receive your lighter, watch this short tutorial on how to get started. 
Made With Black Chinese Lacquer and Plated with Yellow Gold
Packaged With Replaceable Flint
Fill With Butane Once Received
Designed in USA
2.5" x 1.5"

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