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The Backgammon Set

This heavily weighted backgammon set is luxurious in weight and feel. Sized at 23”L and 14”W its substantial in size and heavily weighted. Wrapped in lush black leather, premium black cord, and golden accents, the look and feel sets this board apart from any others. Inside you’ll find gold and leather wrapped weighted pieces and an oversize betting dice. If you like to play a classic style, two cord dice rolling cups are included and as well as two sets of premium dice so you’ll have everything you need for a friendly game or some healthy betting competition.

The Blanket
The Blanket

A blend of two of the softest wools we could find, this throw has a beautiful hand and weighty drape. It's woven with the signature F logo at mirrored corners and edged by hand with a classic blanket stitch. Measuring 68" W x 54" H it's what we like to call "The Perfect Size" for you, or both of you, so use accordingly……..

Fallis Studios created by Brendan Fallis
Fallis Studios created by Brendan Fallis

Masterfully crafted, designed with intention.

Founded and designed by Brendan Fallis, Fallis Studios embodies the modern man. Designed in the United States, sourced from purveyors around the world.

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